Frequently asked questions

How do I pass messages to holiday club or After school club?

You can contact our Forest school lead for the day directly on site on 07895 407542

If you have a question or query regarding booking or payment please contact 07761043072

Does Forest School take place whatever the weather?

A big part of Forest School is learning about the seasons and experiencing how the landscape changes in different weather conditions. However we will move our sessions in doors if the temperature is -5 or colder. We may cancel Forest school due to high winds as it is dangerous to move beneath the trees. In the event of cancellation you will be notified by email an hour before the session is to begin.

Do we need to bring anything?

Clothing - Please wear clothing appropriate to the weather. When the weather is warm please ensure your child is wearing suitable sun protection and wears a sun hat. If the weather is cold many thin layers including tights is a good idea. Please note wellies are not very well insulated so please wear thermal socks or snow boots in cold conditions. Finding gloves that are small enough can also be a problem, a good idea is to try socks as mittens then if they get wet you have spares.

Waterproofs are always a good idea no matter the weather conditions so children are free to get muddy.


Young explorer snack - Please bring a drink for your child, a plate and cutlery for snack time. The adults may also bring a thermos cup which can be filled with hot drinks in our kitchen.


Are there toileting facilities?

We are very fortunate that both our sites are positioned near to buildings with access to kitchen and toilet facilities if needed.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Yes, good news we accept payment via Government tax free childcare scheme and childcare vouchers.

Our details are: 

Company Name: The Hideaway 

Company Address: c/o The Hideaway, Baldwin Lodge, Eastfield Terrace, Bristol, BS9 4AR

Ofsted Registration Number: 2528915

When you contact your voucher provider, please refer to the details above,  even if the location of the activity you have booked is different than our HQ.  If you require any advice please call  or email.

Here is a list of the providers The Hideaway is currently registered with and the relevant reference/account numbers:-

Computershare: Carer reg no: 0026395194

Edenred: P21246645


Sodexo: 901130, BS9 4NX

Additional Information

  • Please note you can only use your vouchers for your own children 

  • We only accept e-vouchers (no paper vouchers, thank you). 

  • If your childcare voucher provider is NOT on the list above then please contact us and we will liaise with your provider in order to be able to accept them.

What is your refund policy?

Bookings are made on a term by term basis. Unfortunatly we can not refund single sessions within a term.  Notice must be given at least 2 weeks before the end of the current term if not continuing with a booking made for the next term. If notice is recieved 2 weeks before the end of the current term then a full refund of any future terms booked will be issued. If notice is recieved after this date but before the start of the booked term commencing a 50% refund will be issued. No refund will be issued of a current term. 


What should I expect at the pre-school 'young explorer' sessions?

Our sessions start with a free play time then we gather for a circle time to introduce new activities for the day. Children can then explore these activities before we all gather around the fire for snack time.

There is usually time for free play or woodland games before we gather for an end of session good bye song.


What Snack is provided?

We cook a range of wholesome snacks ranging from cheesy bread, vegetable soup, baked tortilla, poached apples and occasional treats including marshmallows and cinnamon bread. We ask all families to fill in a booking information form where you are asked to disclose any known allergies and we will always take these into consideration when planning our snack menu.


Can I bring a younger sibling to young explorer sessions?

All younger siblings up to a year old are free to attend. Please note we do have a number of steps to access our Henleaze site so please give us a shout to help you down the stairs with your pushchair or you are welcome to leave at the top of the steps. Our Kings Weston site is fully accessible with an all terrain pushchair or younger sibling in a sling.

What do I do if I have a complaint?

Please email us at if you have a query or alternatively you can request a complaints form from your session leader. All queries will be treated with confidentiality and follow our complaints procedure policy.

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