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Today I had to drag the kids out the house. We all needed a bit of space more so than exercise so we all ended up relaxing in the sun in a grassy field. Quietly we all found small items around us that made us quiet and thoughtful. I was lying beside a large patch of daisies so there was nothing better to do than make a daisy chain. The process at times was trying but gave me a sense of achievement and satisfaction once complete.

When was the last time you made a daisy chain?

Firstly find a patch of daisies where there is an abundance of them so you leave enough for the pollinating insects. Pick daisies at the base of their stem, using your nail make a slit in the stem, bend the stem gently to open up the slit so there is a round hole for you to thread another daisy through. Repeat this on each daisy until your chain is its desired length.

Small daisy stems can be frustrating, my youngest child copied me using dandelions as their stems are thicker and easier to make a large slit in.

Remember the activities we succeed at help build our confidence and self-esteem so when we are ready to challenge ourselves a little more the building blocks are in place.


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