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Get outside to sing and dance in the rain!

We were very excited today to erect our new shelter in the Kingsweston Hideaway, which provided us with some additional shelter to protect us from the passing showers. The trees do a great job at keeping us dry as we explore and play below the trees canopies but now we can all continue to make friends and share stories around the fire together.

Rainy day activities don't need to be inside. Children love to get outside to explore the wet earth, jump in puddles and play in the mud. This week we have seen the children create lots of play in the rain including catching rain drops on their tongues, rescuing worms from muddy puddles, making mud pies, collecting rain in buckets and tarps, making leaf boats in the puddles, painting with mud, measuring and checking how deep puddles are before jumping in, building dens, listening to the rain drops on the tarp, making rain music and singing and dancing in the rain.

So the next time it rains, embrace your inner child and get outside. Alternatively wrap up warm, put on water proofs andwellies and observe your child loving the rain whilst you stand under our new shelter ;)

We look forward to seeing you in The Hideaway no matter the weather.


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