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Adjusting to the new norm - Weekly activities 2

At present we are all adjusting to the new circumstances we find ourselves in whether that be working at home, not working at all or like the NHS being the busiest we have ever been. We all find our daily routine changed and I know myself and my family are loooking for a new rythm to our days.

I have noticed the most positive time in our day is when we get outside for our daily exercise. Probably because this is when I am at my happiest. Over the next few weeks I hope to stay in touch with you all through these blog posts. I will be posting an Early years activity on a Monday and an activity for slightly older primary aged children on a Wednesday. Please do let me know if you try any of the activities at any point. It would be lovely to see and hear about whether the activities were a success (or not!)

When out for our daily exercise we always come home with at least one stick. On Sunday we all came home with some walking sticks that had helped us on an extra long walk. We then decided to decorate our sticks so we knew who's stick belonged to who (which helped with the arguing between siblings!) Please do remember to wash your hands as soon as you return home from your walk.

We painted our sticks but you could use a potato peeler carefully to take some of the bark off your stick and make patterns. With adult supervision you can even have a go with a knife to carve shapes in the stick. If using a knife or peeler to carve your stick please make sure your stick is a 'green stick' which is a freshly cut or fallen soft wood stick not a dead piece of wood.

We plan to take our stick out daily with us so we have attached some long pieces of ribbon and string so we can attach the treasures we find on our walks. Later today we plan to make a story as we walk. As we find an object on our walk we will tie it to our stick and add it to our story. We can then use the objects to help us remember and retell our story.

Do let us know if you give this activity a go. We would love to see your photographs or read your stories. Have fun and we will be back with another idea next week.


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