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Autumn is on the way!

We just love Autumn in The Hideaway. It is a feast for our senses as there is so much colour bursting out of all the trees and plants just before they go for their winter sleep. We enjoy gathering and eating fruit and seeds, collecting and counting conkers and acorns, creating and making with the items we find on the woodland floor. We often find animal prints and maybe a glimpse of a squirrel or the birds collecting and storing food for the winter ahead. We use our tools and work together to help build bird and hedgehog homes and then take a risk and climb a tree.

Autumn officially starts this year on Sunday 23rd September. So why not come and enjoy the change of the Seasons every week in our Henleaze or Kings Weston Hideaway from Monday 10th September. Children aged 18months to 4 years can explore, investigate, dig, climb, collect, create, play and so much more. Please register for a FREE taster session on our website


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