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Week 4: Part 1 lockdown activity - Colour to make you smile

This weeks activity involves you collecting an evergreen leaf and materials that you will find on the woodland floor or garden. You can even try this activity with everyday household items if you are unable to go out.

When using natural materials for crafts we always have to consider the impact on the natural ecosystem and consider if we take an item from nature would it have an adverse effect. We therefore ask that you only pick a leaf if there is an abundance of them but preferably only take items that have already fallen to the ground.

We are sticking with the theme of rainbows today and wondered if you can paint one with a homemade natural paintbrush. Using a stick attach a ’brush head’ which can be a flower, leaf, grass, needles, bark or what ever you find when outside. I attached my ‘brush head’ using string as shown in the picture below but you can use cellotape or elastic bands if needed.

You can then experiment with the patterns your brush will make by dabbing or stroking the paint brush across the paper. You may be lucky that a flower or leaf may leave a natural pigment on the paper however you will probably want to dip your brush in paint or mud to create your work of art.

Our second activity is less messy and involves markers rather than mud or paint. Collect a leaf preferably an evergreen leaf (as they tend to be stronger) and decorate with colour using marker pens. Then lay the leaf pen side down on a piece of paper and gently rub. Remove the leaf and your pattern will be transferred to your paper. Why not cut out and make a leaf mobile or window decoration with them.

As always we love to see what you have been doing in nature so do share your activities with us on our Facebook page here.

Remember to come back on Wednesday for another nature based activity.


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