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Wild garlic flatbreads

We have an abundance of wild garlic on our doorstep in Henleaze and north Bristol so I have been experimenting. I first made a wild garlic dressing which I loved but the family loved the flatbreads even more. Tonight the children ended up using the flatbreads like tacos for dinner as they loved them so much.

What you will need:

18 wild garlic leaves

50g butter, or vegan equivelant melted

200g plain flour plus more for rolling out

1/2 teaspoon of salt

150ml warm water

Oil of your choice


1- Roll the garlic leaves together along there length like rolling a cigar, before finely chopping them with a knife. Place half of the gar;ic in a bowl with some oil and put the rest to one side.

2 - Mix the salt, flour, half the melted butter and half the warm water together with your hands. binding your ingredients together to make a soft sticky dough. Add some more flour if too sticky, the dough should leave the bowl clean. If too dry add a touch more water.

3 - Divide the dough into six equal balls.

4 - Take one dough ball and roll flat with a rolling pin so it is approx 4mm thin, lightly coat the dough with some of the melted butter and sprinkle with a sixth of the garlic leaves.

5 - Roll the dough into a long tube shape before coiling it around itself like a pinwheel or snail shell. Place to one side and repeat with the remaining five dough balls.

6 - Take the first pinwheel and re-roll to 4mm thin. This will ensure the wild garlic is held within the flatbread.

7 - Spread the oil infused with garlic leaves over the flat dough and place it in a pre-heated dry frying pan, oil side down.

8 - Whilst it is cooking spread oil on the top of the flatbread before flipping the flat bread to cook on the other side.

Your flatbread is ready when you see air bubbles forming and it has changed to a golden brown colour. Your flatbread is now ready to eat or if you can wait you can keep them warm in a low oven until needed. Enjoy!

These flatbreads can be made with many different flavourings, why not experiment and try some more wild foraging including cleavers, nettles or plantain? Let us know what flavours you try.


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